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Veritas NetBackup 6.5 for Solaris, Administration  (VT-1515)




    • Describe the master, media, and EMM servers and clients
    • Identify NBU options and agents
    • Install and verify NBU
    • Add robots and drives
    • Configure storage units, storage unit groups, volumes, and volume pools
    • Manage volumes
    • Configure policy attributes and schedules
    • Identify the available policy types
    • Define which files, directories, and clients to back up
    • Monitor and troubleshoot backup jobs
    • Restore files and monitor restore jobs
    • Verify, duplicate, expire, and import backup images
    • Back up and recover NBU catalogs
    • Use NBU notify scripts
    • Identify master server, media server, and client processes or services
    • Run user-directed backup jobs
    • Configure legacy, unified, and robust logging
    • Run NBU activity reports
    • Tune NBU
    • Install and configure NOM
    • Perform basic NOM administration tasks


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